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Awesome Features

To better understanding MyCryptobot offering check out the features.


MyCryptoBot is Entirely Cloudbased , no installation and no hassles ,all the trading operation will be done in our background servers.


We do not accept and/or store your funds on our accounts. We are using strict stop loss to prevent huge loss on your portfolio.


Bot uses proven high frequency trading strategies with small take profit and Stoploss which will make profit in any market conditions.

Instant Profits

Profits starts flowing within an hour of activating the bot , However we can't assure any profit. It depends on the market conditions.

Easy to Use

We have created our platform very simple so that people without any trading experience can use our platform .

One Time Fee

MyCryptoBot Offers our premium plan with as low as 29$ per month , no hidden or extra charges for any trading account size.

Bot Pricing

All new users wil receive a 30 Day free trial up on registration (No payment required)


500 positions

Max 10 coins

Max 2 triggers




Unlimited positions

Unlimited coins

Unlimited triggers

From $29/mo


Answers to frequently asked questions

General questions

MyCryptoBot is a cloud based automatic crypto trading bot, You can trade Cryptocurrencies on all major crypto-exchanges in a single platform.

MyCryptoBot uses high frequency trading strategies so that you can make money in any market situation.

  • Register with the MyCryptoBot service
  • Register an account in Binance Exchange(recommended).
  • Create an API in binance(tutorial on how to create API in binance can be find here).
  • Make a deposit to your account in Binance for a sum of at least 0.25 BTC
  • Buy a monthly subscription on Mycryptobot .
  • Enable Auto Trading in the by adding the desired BTC amount you wish to allocate for Bot .

MyCryptoBot is currently offering first month free subscription and 29$ per month from second month onwards.

MyCryptoBot is completely cloud based all the trading will be happening on our servers in the backend , So just activate and relax. And just watch money flowing into your trading account .

MyCryptoBot is using High Frequency Trading strategies (HFT) which is tested by our professional traders from last 14 months .

You can activate bot with as low as 0.25 BTC but we recommend at least 0.5 BTC for better results.

MyCryptoBot will take trading access of your exchange account and we don't have any control over withdrawals of your crypto coins , so you are 100% safe with us.

Right now we support only Binance because of the high volumes and low fee, we may add more exchanges soon .

We have a professional team here to manage all the bot activities , you can watch your trading history and profits made from our history section.


You don't need any coding skills , you just need to login to MyCryptoBot and add your Exchange Api's and Activate Trading.

We don't take any money from you or offer you fixed returns, we are a service provider and we work on subscription model.

The more BTC you have in your exchange account the more profit you get.

We have a proven Auto trading strategy which works 24/7. 365 days on your trading accounts.

We are offering first month free subscription to all users , after first month you have renew your subscription by pay 29$ worth of BTC to us, you can also pay 6 months subscription .

We have a professional team here to manage all the bot activities , you can watch your trading history and profits made from our history section.

Our Unique Affiliate Program

Join our Unique Affiliate program and earn 30% of the subscription fee every month .This is the best way to make money without any investment. The more customers you refer, the more you earn. 

  • Just register in MYCRYPTOBOT.IO and create an account.
  • Send your unique referral link to your friends and share via social media.
  • Your friend click your link.
  • He registers at Mycryptobot and you make 9$ of the subscription fee lifetime.
  • If you refer 10 members you will make 99$ per month.
  • No limits , Reach more people - earn more.
  • You can withdraw your affiliate funds at any time once it reaches 50$ via Bitcoins. affiliate